Snowcard is a UK-based insurer that specializes in providing travel insurance for winter and extreme sports. The company was founded in 1991 with the aim of providing coverage
One of the key features of Snowcard's insurance policies is the level of coverage they provide for winter sports activities. The company offers comprehensive coverage for a wide range of activities, including skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and ice climbing.
Claims are managed by Mayday Claims.


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Snowcard covers a large number of activites with clearly defined defitions. You can check them all out Snowcard.


Snowcard can cover Trekking upto 4000m in the greater ranges (e.g. Nepal, South America) with their "Adventure Plus" plan and Trekking upto 6000m in the greater ranges (eg, Everest base camp, Inca Trail, Kilimanjaro) with their "Max Adventure" plan.


Snowcard can cover Sport climbing (involving permanent fixed anchors) with their "Adventure Plus" plan and Multi pitch rock climbing (where leader placed protection is involved) with their "Max Adventure" plan. They cover Ice climbing with their "Extreme Adventure" plan.


Snowcard can cover Trekking peaks upto 7000m (as designated in the Himalaya, e.g. Island Peak, Mera Peak etc) with their "Extreme Adventure" plan and Mountaineering upto 7000m (professional guided trips only, please submit itinerary prior to departure for agreement) with their "Extreme Adventure" plan.


Snowcard can cover Skiing - on and off piste with or without a guide with their "Adventure Plus" pack. They can additionall cover Ski touring (ascending using skins) - back country skiing or snowboarding, skidoo, snowcat or helicopter skiing with their "Max Adventure" plan. They can also cover a wive variety of other types of snow sports.


Snowcard does not cover Paragliding or any other aerial sports.


Snowcard offers Single trip and Annual multi-trip plans along with Couple, Family and Group options. You can also choose the precise cover limit.

All information provided is indicative and may be out of date - you should always check with the insurer that they will cover your activity.