Mountaineering Insurance

Most traditional insurers will not cover mountaineering, where it involves the use of ropes, ice axes or crampons. That is why you will likely need to take out insurance with a specialist insurer. Insurers will often categorise their policies by altitude, normally up to 5000m, 6000m or more. They may also define the category based on area (often Nepal is considered to be a higher risk) and whether or not you have a guide or are on a recognised route.

Medical & Rescue Cover

If you get into trouble climbing in a remote area, you will likely need helicopter evacuation to a hostpital. It is important to ensure that your policy will cover this It is important to review the policy carefully and make sure that it provides enough coverage for your needs.

Altitude limits

Many Mountaineering insurance policies have altitude limits. If at any point of your expedition you exceed this altitude, your insurance may be invalid for the whole trip so it is important you do not exceed it.


There are several insurance providers that offer Mountaineering insurance. Here is a list of some of the most popular options:
When looking for Mountaineering insurance, it is important to consider the type of coverage that is offered, the activities that are covered under the policy, and the limits of the coverage. CompareAdventureInsurance can save you time by getting quotes from a variety of insurers that cover your activity and destination. Click below to compare now!
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