New Zealand Trekking Insurance

New Zealand is a paradise for trekkers, with its diverse landscapes and abundant natural beauty. From the towering peaks of the Southern Alps to the lush forests of the North Island, the country offers a wide range of trekking routes to suit all levels of ability and experience.

Medical & Rescue Cover

In the event of a medical emergency while trekking in New Zealand, having proper insurance coverage can make all the difference. Your trekking insurance should include medical and rescue cover that will provide you with assistance and financial support if you need to be evacuated from the trail or hospitalized. Make sure you read the policy carefully and understand what is and isn't covered, such as whether it covers rescue by helicopter or not. Don't forget to carry your insurance policy and contact details with you at all times when trekking.

Altitude Limits

Some trekking insurance policies may have altitude limits, meaning that they only cover you up to a certain elevation. If you're planning to trek in the higher elevations of New Zealand, it's essential to make sure your insurance policy covers you in these areas. Some trekkers choose to purchase supplementary insurance specifically for high-altitude trekking, so it's worth considering this option if your main insurance policy has altitude restrictions.


There are several insurance providers that offer trekking insurance for New Zealand. Here is a list of some of the most popular options:
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One of the most famous trekking routes in New Zealand is the Milford Track, located in the Fiordland region of the South Island. The 53.5 km (33 mile) track takes four days to complete, and offers stunning views of forests, waterfalls, and glacial valleys. The trek can be challenging due to its remote location and rugged terrain, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Another popular trekking destination in New Zealand is the Abel Tasman National Park, located on the northern coast of the South Island. The park offers a variety of short and easy hikes, as well as longer multi-day treks that take in the park's beautiful beaches, forests, and wetlands. The park is also home to a rich diversity of wildlife, including seals, penguins, and native birds.

Popular treks include:

Trek nameMin. durationLength
Milford Track4 days53.5 km (33 mile)
Abel Tasman Coast Track2-3 days days32 km (20 miles)
Routeburn Track2-3 days32 km (20 miles)
Tongariro Northern Circuit3-4 days43 km (27 miles)
Heaphy Track4-6 days78.4 km (48.8 miles)